Yet Another Hello World!

Hello, World! I am Med. A self-taught web developer from the Philippines.

I have finally decided to just do it. I have no clue how this is gonna go but I am going to keep trying. This is what I want to do. This is what satisfies me.

This website runs on Jekyll and is being hosted on GitHub. Hopefully, I can write a post how I put its code all together. Hint: A lot of Googling and copying codes from other websites running on Jekyll as well.

“Macro Patience, Microspeed”

As of this post, all the codes and the website itself is still a mess. But I will take my time, I have more to learn and a lot more mistakes to make.

I will make this website a playground to learn to Write, Code, and Design.

This website is Opensource and I welcome any suggestions. For anything else, tweet to me @ramidem or shoot me an email.